Agency Sira Bliss Events & Wedding

Agency Sira Bliss Events & Wedding will help you plan everything in the best way!

The best choice if you want to have only the best.

Agency Sira Bliss Events & Wedding

The most beautiful venues for every taste, attention to every detail, the most sought-after Italian cuisine and the best professionals in the sector selected by us.

Our history

The Agency Sira Bliss Events & Wedding has been operating for more than 10 years in the Wedding & Events sector, making happy many couples who have seen their dreams come true!

Given the great demand and the ever-increasing needs of couples and those who want a “Bliss” Event, also informally defined as “the top of the World”, it was natural to create an Agency that could respond and in the best way.

Meet Sira

sira bliss events wedding and event agency italy

Its mission is to make real what couples often don’t even know how to explain in words, they strongly know they want.

She lives every emotion with them and every time it’s as if she were getting married too

In a single day, in traditional Italian weddings, and in a few days for those of the Destination Wedding, the planning of months takes place very quickly (the Spouses always say it afterward too).

Those who turn to her Agency are followed by her and her team before her, during and after her and this makes them really happy and very satisfied.

Exceed and redefine expectations

She has never stopped: her great curiosity and passion always lead her to look for innovations and new international trends.

The training and study of every single aspect of the Wedding and Events sector continues.

She also specialized in Bridal style and for 8 years she has been collaborating in the creation of a fashion show, putting the best brands on the catwalk.

Some of the most famous Italian stylists have been her guests!

Before creating the fairytale Weddings and Events organization Sira Bliss Events, you had over 15 years of experience in an international context covering the role of Finance Manager for Italy.

This allowed her to travel a lot, get to know different cultures, uses and customs that have always fascinated her.

Important thing: you have gained a deep knowledge of the preparation of the cost budget, a fundamental basis from which to start the organization.

Her experience naturally also applies to team management, problem solving and short- and long-term planning.

She has studied and created a special timeline for the organization of the wedding and one for the day itself.

Nothing, not even the smallest detail, is left to chance!

Make the trip enjoyable too

Thinking about “do it yourself” by relying on professionals who have been doing it for a long time, with passion and professionalism, can be very stressful and full of pitfalls, even the “trip” before the big day will be very pleasant and even fun!

Wouldn’t you like to be held by the hand and gently accompanied on this “adventure”?

One of my brides defined me as her guardian angel, we would all like to have our best friend next to her, in this case imagine her also prepared, competent and with great creativity.

It still remains to see all the rest of the Marriage!

Maybe we will do it in another article

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photo by Giovanni Scirocco

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