Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings before choosing to do them in the cold months,

from December to March, it was not widespread,

now it is spreading more and more.

Choosing to get married in winter can also be advantageous,

you can also have small discounts on an economic level,

we, for example, apply them to winter weddings and

if the chosen date should be the last of the year,

coinciding the New Year celebrations with

those of the wedding, we don’t do double!

Getting married in a fairytale atmosphere

it is becoming the dream of many, even if it is not possible

take advantage of the locations as in the summer, in the morning,

even in winter there are beautiful days and you can stay

however outside, to then move into the hall, try to imagine

many candles and maybe lit fireplaces that warm up the party.

If you choose the Christmas period,

the white and cream color must be considered as a base,

then there are countless color combinations with

which you can indulge yourself, such as gold and silver, fantastic for the

winter wedding palette

Christmas winter weddings

or nuances such as burgundy and powder gray

which are combined with more natural settings,

like those of the undergrowth.

The winter flowers to choose for the decorations and the bouquet

there are many, (hyacinths, daffodils, buttercups, white broom),

which could be combined with berries, butcher’s broom and

fir branches to enrich the tables.

winter bride bouquet
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The bride’s dress is embellished with many accessories

with great personality, such as fur stoles and shoulder covers,

strictly ecological or in cashmere,

getting married in the cold has its charm.

The classic sugared almond can be enriched with chocolate and

Ginger & Cinnamon Cookies. It is also often set up

the corner of Russian tea which is served with appetizers

salted during the aperitif.

winter weddings
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Also for the honeymoon in this period there are

many more locations available and at a better price to fly in the heat.

In short, there are really many reasons to choose this one

season for your wedding!

wedding planner Maldives
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of Marriage, in different periods of the year.

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